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Choosing a hospice provider can quickly become overwhelming. Hospitals often attempt to funnel patients into their hospice providers without informing you that you do indeed HAVE A CHOICE. Monarch Hospice wants you to know that you deserve to be educated, and you deserve quality service personalized for your circumstances.

Monarch is concerned foremost with the comfort and dignity of its patients. This drives our passion and focus for hiring devoted staff who will truly cares about the patient and deliver personalized, non-rushed patient care and family support.

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MYTH: Hospice provides in home care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hospice programs provide skilled comfort care, they do not provide around the clock companion services. However, the hospice care team (which includes nurses, aides, social workers, chaplains, bereavement counselors, and volunteers) is available for intermittent, scheduled visits and are accessible by phone 24 hours daily, 7 days weekly. If around the clock companion services are needed, social workers can provide you with a list of reputable agencies that provide this service.

MYTH: Hospice is a place where I will go to die when there is nothing more a doctor can do.

Hospice is actually just a ‘concept’ or ‘philosophy’ of care developed for people with ‘life-limiting’ illnesses. This care allows families to be together at a time when they need it the most, supported by trained hospice professionals and also sharing the remaining time with both comfort and dignity. While formal hospice facilities exist, hospice care can be given in your own home, a personal care home, a nursing home or hospital.

MYTH: To be eligible for hospice care, a patient must be bedridden.

Hospice care is based on medical criteria related to a patients’ prognosis, regardless of the patient’s physical condition. Whether or not a person is bedridden has little influence on eligibility. Although some patients are bedbound, many are still able to walk, go out of the house and lead productive and rewarding lives.

how to know when hospice is needed

Hospice should be called any time a patient is diagnosed with a life limiting illness. It is appropriate to be informed of all options for the patient, including hospice, whether or not hospice will be used immediately or at a later date.

If you are looking to determine if you or a loved one is ready for hospice you can fill out the form linked below.

the 5 "w's" of hospice

Who is involved?
What is hospice?
When should hospice be called?
Where can you receive hospice care?
Why is Monarch Hospice the right choice?
How can I help? / How can I begin the process?

the grief process

Monarch knows that death involves more than just the one who passes. Loved ones will go through many changes and stages themselves as well, which is why we created a 13 month bereavment program to assist loved ones through the 5 stages of grief. We provide customized counseling care from both a social worker and chaplain to help patients and families through the process. Our bereavment program provides mailings on grief education, phone calls, visits and also refers to appropriate support groups or individual counselors as needed.

Continued education

Monarch is dedicated to learning industry best practice tactics and educating our clients and teams on how to care more passionately through those tactics. All of our aides are certified in personal care. All staff performs monthly educational in-services pertinent to hospice care. Certified Nursing Aides receive an extra monthly in-services over and above what the other staff does. Monarch Hospice also assists with training our facility staff on hospice and caring for our hospice patients.


Monarch relies on donations for all patient needs that aren't covered by their insurance. Donations allows our Personalized Care Teams to provide services beyond the basics required. This funding allows Monarch to provide items and services that give comfort to patients or used as a means to provide care or equipment to keep patients in their home.

Your donations adds LIFE to days for celebrations, LIFE to days to reconnect with family and friends, LIFE to days to provide enjoyment and special events.

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