Adding LIFE to days, when days cannot be added to lives.

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Our mission is to assist patients with living the last months of their lives comfortably and with dignity. This means not spending the last months in a hospital suffering through treatments or tests that make them ill or uncomfortable. We present options to allow our patients quality time with their loved ones. We provide support and education to family and loved ones so they are comfortable with end of life care.


Monarch Hospice, adding LIFE to days when days cannot be added to lives.  We understand how overwhelming choosing a hospice care provider can be, and we want you to know that you have a choice in your hospice agency.

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Dedicated to Education

Monarch is dedicated to learning industry best practice tactics and educating our clients and teams on how to care more passionately through those tactics.

Personalized Approach

Unlike most large Hospice agencies we have perfected the balance of large team mentality and family-driven values to ensure the best experiences.

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Thoroughly Experienced

Opened to reimagine hospice in PA, Monarch is devoted to hiring expert staff and facilitating continued education that exceeds what is required by law.

Quality Driven

Monarch understands that your loved one’s comfort and your peace of mind are most important, which drives us to provide the best individualized care.

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